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W & W Aurora Farm was created by two (2) incredible animal lovers! Samantha Walton was born an animal lover, she has had farm animals her whole life. David Wilusz loves the farm life and always has. In 2015 they decided to share their small hobby farm with the people in their community. It has really taken off! Sam and Dave's hard work has paid off! They are happy to have the ability to supply healthy happy food to their friends and neighbors!!

Aurora Farm has really grown over the past couple years, they have a horse Treyburn who watches over their three (3) cows, CowGirl, CowBoy and CowBaby. They have A LOT of chicken that roam free on the farm and pay Sam and Dave back in the form of delicious nutritious eggs! They have Daisy their senior duck, who watches over the baby ducks as they come in! It really is a beautiful sight to see!